Calvin Simmons Theatre Technical Specifications

House Size: 1877 (With handicapped seating)
Control Booth at Mezzanine Level: 75' from stage lip
Followspot Booth at Gallery Level : 106 from stage lip. Equipped with (2) Ultra
Arc long throw (available for rental)
Distances from Stage Lip to:
   Mezzanine rail
   Back row of Main Floor
   Gallery rail

Distance from Projection Screen to Control Booth: 84'-9"
Orchestra Pit Elevator:
Elevator travels from stage level to 5' below stage level, and is controlled from stage right. Elevator dimensions : 33'-9" long on the upstage edge, the downstage edge arcs from 5'-8" on the offstage ends to 9'-0" at the center.
Projection Screen:
Front projection(perforated plastic)16' high by 22' wide.Hung permanently on counterweight 21' from pit
See venue sound information
Box Offices:
Two locations (right and left outside lobby doors); one window each. Not staffed
Theatre Stage Personnel:
House Technician required for duration of load-in show and load-out.
Additional stagehands are required by I.A.T.S.E local#107. Contact Charma Ferreira, business agent at (510)351-1858
Stage Dimensions:
   Proscenium opening
   Footage offstage left
   Footage offstage right
   Depth of apron in front of plaster line

41'-8"w x 34'-0"h
34'-8"(plaster line to back wall)
28'-6" from centerline
18'-3" from centerline
Loading Door and Ramp: (located directly off stage left)
   Outside roll-up door
   Small inner door with the roll-up door

11'-0" w x 14'-0"h
3'-1-1/2" w x 6'-8"h
Fly System:
   Type of system
   Number of sets
   Distance between sets
   Batten size (steel 1-1/2" I.D. Aluminum:2-3/8" ID.)
   Distance from stage to gridiron
   Distance from stage to fly floor
   Distance from fly floor to grid
   Counterweight sandbags

1/2" hemp
47 5-line sets
varies from 4' to 10'
55'-0" long
25lbs to 200lbs(NO iron weights)