The Ballroom - a cozy, pleasant site for very special gatherings - is an ideal site for all festive occasions, including arts and lecture programs, receptions, recitals, banquets and dances. The Ballroom, located on the third floor of the facility, serviced by elevator, features a performance stage and a balcony bar area.

Type of Facility Users and Uses:

Small Stage Performances, Receptions, Dances, Banquets, Rehearsals, Recitals, Lectures and Fundraisers.


Reception 350
Banquet 150
Dance 200


Theatre 325
Classroom 120


20' x 16' Permanent stage - 320 sq. ft.
39' x 79' Main Floor - 3081 sq. ft.
14' x 65' Balcony - 910 sq. ft

Service Bar
Prep Kitchen (There are no cooking facilities onsite)
Elevator Service(Private)